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Hey Patchi-Pals.

As of now, PonyPatchi.webs.com and all of its relative sites are being discontinued and are no longer updated due to personal reasons. 

Thankfully, a fansite commemorating PonyPatchi and ShimaShimaNyanNyan has been created!

Click here to check it out. 

Thanks for your cooperation.

From your friends at PonyPatchi.

30/04/14 - Current Information: Animetchi Is Back!

As you may know already, all PonyPatchi sites have been discontinued. I, Animetchi, have freed PonyPatchi.webs.com from the "frozen" status. Even though this has happened, PonyPatchi and all of its partners will not be continued due to prejudice from Chantotchi, owner of TaMametchi.

Don't get me wrong, her site is very good, but she harassed my and my new Patchi-Partner's - ShimaShimatchi's - sister-sites. They used to be called PonyPatchi.weebly.com and ShimaShimaNyanNyan.weebly.com. Although, this could've been prevented. How you ask? Let me tell you.

My old Patchi-Partner, Animalitchi, had gotten a whole whack of Tamagotchi information. Me, being the younger, more naive, and less experienced site builder, had believed that she'd written it all herself. Obviously, I was wrong.

Animalitchi and I haven't been friends for a few years now, because of the huge betrayal on her part. This led to PonyPatchi's "frozen" status and also led to abandonment of the sites. Very soon after we had our falling out, I decided to 'go stag to the prom without my Tamagotchi'. I totally gave up on PonyPatchi; the whole idea was pointless to me at the time.

It was only  a few months before present (December of 2013) that I decided to give PonyPatchi a go again, on the new and better built site creater, Weebly. PonyPatchi.weebly.com and ShimaShimaNyanNyan.weebly.com ran well for 3-4 months straight, until Chantotchi from TaMametchi posted hurtful messages on our chat boxes and a blog post about SITE THIEFS! This is when I finally figured it out; all of the information that Animalitchi supposedly "wrote" was COPIED! I made sure to delete everything regarding the .weebly sites from the Internet when I found that out. Plus, the quality of the information was poor, anyway.

Certain relentless fans posted hurtful comments on Chantotchi's chat box, which is totally disapproved by me. But, she again assumed it to be either me or ShimaShimatchi! 

Furthermore, the .weebly sites are now deleted, but the story behind them is still up in the air. You can check it out here, where myself and ShimaShimatchi spoke to two of our adoring fans, the co-owners of ShimaPatchi. I thank our loyal Patchi-Pals very much; two of you have built an amazing site, and on behalf of every Tamagotchi fan, I appreciate the fact that you e-mailed ShimaShimatchi and I and listened to our very long side of the story.

I also thank everyone who has supported us every step of the way, but PonyPatchi will now only be affiliated with ShimaPatchi. If any information on Tamagotchis is to be posted on this site and PonyPatchiThree, it will be directly word-for-word from ShimaPatchi, with absolute permission on there part.