Tamagotchi Version 1

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Tamagotchi Version 2

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New Features

The Tamagotchi Version 1 has 10 icons unlike its ancestors, which have 8 icons. The two newer icons that were added are the Communication & Friends Icon.

The Communication Icon is located on the top of the screen. It is the fifth icon and it is shaped as a heart with radio signals.

The Friends Icon is located on the bottom of the screen. It is the ninth icon and it is shaped as an open book.

The Tamagotchi's pixel screen was also enlarged from a 32 by 16 pixel screen to a 32 by 30 pixel screen.

The Tamagotchi Version 2 was released in the year 2005. It is the first Tamagotchi toy to have Gotchi Points and a Shop to purchase items.

There are a total of
51 Tamagotchi characters that are featured in the Tamagotchi Version 2; way more than the V1! There are 2 babies, 4 toddlers, 10teenagers, and 35 adults.

V1 Charts

V2 Charts


There are the two different games on the V1 Tamagotchi.

The first game is Dance. To play this game, you have to copy the dance steps by pressing the corresponding buttons shown below:

  • Button A = Left
  • Button B = Jump
  • Button C = Right

The second game is
Jump. To play this game, you have to jump hurdles by pressing Button B (the middle button). To win, you have to jump 30 hurdles, and you can't miss any. Beware! Every time you successfully jump over a hurdle, your Tamagotchi character speeds up!

There are four different games on the V2 Tamagotchi.

The first game is Jump. In this game, there are three circles. You must stealthily press the button on the same side as the circle that becomes filled. You must also press the button in 0.5 seconds or less. The quicker the right button is pressed, the further your Tamagotchi character will jump.

The second game is Bump. During the game, your Tamagotchi character will fight against another Tamagotchi character. Use either Button A, Button B, or Button C to stop the power meter as close to the top as possible. You must complete eight rounds to win!

The third game is Heading. You will see balls dropping down from the top of the screen. You must quickly move your Tamagotchi character under the ball and press Button B to head-butt the ball before it hits the ground.

The fourth game is Slot. There are three slots that have three signs. The signs are:

  • O - This sign means "Excellent"
  • ∆ - This sign means "Average"
  • X - This sign means "Bad"
To play this game, you have to spin the slots and try to get the O sign for all of the slots. Also, you must bet 1-9 GP.


The Toilet icon is at the top of the Tamagotchi screen. If your Tamagotchi character has squiggly lines above your their head and is moving from left to right across the screen, that means that they need to poop. If you see that your Tamagotchi needs to poop, then you have to use the Toilet ico(this function also trains your Tamagotchi). When you use the Toilet Icon, you will see that your Tamagotchi character will be sitting on a toilet (for teens and adults) or a potty (for toddlers). If you use the Toilet icon, your Tamagotchi character will be happier, since they didn't make a mess on the floor. You cannot use this function with a baby or senior (as in Oyajitchi or other seniors that you might have).


Training your Tamagotchi character is a big part or their life when they gets older. To train your Tamagotchi, you can either select the Discipline function to discipline your Tamagotchi character, or you can select the Praise function to praise your Tamagotchi character.  If your Tamagotchi character calls for attention when their hearts aren't completely empty or if they refuse to take their medicine or eat some food when they need to, then that's when you need to use the Discipline function. If your Tamagotchi is sulking or crying, then that's when you have to use the Praise function to cheer them up.

No More Information For The V1 Tamagotchi


Gotchi Points

The maximum amount of Gotchi Points (or GP) that you can have is 9999. To obtain them, you have to play either of the games listed above. You can buy items or food from the Shop with your Gotchi Points.


To go to the Shop, you have to go to the Games Icon, which is under the Play Icon. When you are at the Games Icon, you can select the Shop. You can purchaseitems at the Shop with Gotchi Points. When you are there, you will notice that there are only four items. The items at the Shop will change at the following times:

  • 3:00PM
  • 7:00PM
  • 12:00AM

You can also put in secret codes to receive specialitems! You have to press the A Button (the button on the left of your Tamagotchi) until the Shop owner makes a shocked face. After that, you can then put in any of the following codes to receive a special item. Here is the list of the Shop codes:
  • BCBACABA = Love Potion (Sold for 3000GP)
  • ACBCABAC = Hair Potion (Sold for 400GP)
  • CBAACABC = Stuffed Animal (Sold for 1500GP)
  • ABBACBCC = Cake (Sold for 600GP)
  • BACBCACB = Steak (Sold for 800GP)

If you were to put in all five codes, your fifth item will be replaced by a rare costume item. Putting in the code a second time would make the rare costumeitem available to purchase from the Shop.

*Note: All items are free for the first time that you enter the codes above, but they must be boughtafterwards.